Schloss Reinhartshausen German Estate Bottled Rieslings 


The Portfolio from which the Schloss Rheinhartshausen wines originate includes almost all the best sites from Erbach and Hattenheim on the river Rhein. The Grapes for the Schloss wines are the fundamental pillars of the Reinhartshausen wine range. All grown, ripened and hand harvested on officially classified sites, the grapes start with the uniqueness of their origin and are then vinified into the world renowned wines for which they have long been recognized. Unlike the early days of the Schloss (Estate) 680 years ago, today the wines are made using the most modern wine making techniques and equipment. The character of the wine's bouquet is rich with gentle hints of green apples and apricots. On the palate the wines show strength, refinement, marvelous aromas and an incredibly long lasting finish.